Sunday, November 1, 2009

3- minutes exercises for diabetics!

Good news for diabetics - no more rigorous exercising and long walks. All that you have to do is exercise on a bike for just 3 minutes a day!

You are aware that doctors recommend strict diet control coupled with rigorous exercises and long walk lasting for a long duration. Invariably youngsters and middle- aged people in active service do not find sufficient time for workouts and brisk walks due to their busy schedules - office pressure on one side and attending to household priorities and rearing children on the other side.

Researchers of University of Edinburgh, having experimented on a group of young men, found that mere three minutes rigorous exercise per day on a bike can activate body insulin to convert food into energy. This special exercise is equivalent to rigorous workout as per the researchers.

Though at experimental stage, this technique appears to be a boon for the younger generation of diabetics!


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