Saturday, November 14, 2009

Drug to erase memory!

God has been kind to human species- especially in respect of memory! By nature pleasant events of life remain ever green in memory. By default bad patches such as love failure, death of a dear ones including pets, childhood teasing, humiliations suffered and embarrassing moments fade away from memory over a period of time. This is a wonderful memory mechanism given by God to motivate the human beings to move forward in life despite failures and disappointments.

Scientists believe that forced cleansing of memory is possible with the help of drugs. Thus unfavorable happenings of the past could be erased permanently from the memory. Disastrous events which could hasten health problems such as heart attack could be conveniently deleted from memory of the patients to put them at rest.

On the darker side, unscrupulous elements may utilize the drug to wash vital information from the memory of key witnesses to save their criminal clients.

Tell me how do you feel about this topic?


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