Friday, December 4, 2009

Happiness workshop!

Ever heard of happiness coaching! Nitya Shanti, a MBA turned Buddhist monk turned happiness coach, gives vital tips to people attending his workshops for a happy life!
Some of his secrets of happiness are-
Give up search for benefits.
Don't preoccupy your mind with expectations. Your precious day is lost in expectation.
Greet everyone with love and show your love with simple gestures.
Speak from the heart, write with full attention and think wholeheartedly with undivided focus.
Live life to the fullest so that everyday will be a happy day.
Accept yourself as you are and be grateful to all your successes however small they are.
Focus inwards and realize all your powers and needs.
Happiness is a means to an end and not the end by itself.
When you are happy, pleasant feelings, positive energy, good character and every other nice thing will follow.
It is more difficult to receive love than giving it because very often people feel they don't deserve to be loved!
Attention, intention and feelings will lead to action and wholesome character.
Mind, body and actions are closely interconnected and are never separate.

Nitya Shanti has visited many countries. According to him the people are the same wherever they belong to. Children are always happy innately. It is only from the onset of teenage the need for information and intuition are to be highlighted and wisdom developed.

He feels that people in western countries are very analytical and will not accept above concepts easily whereas people in India have lot of belief in his joyshop but fail miserably to follow his preachings!

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  1. i fully agree with this post as when we have expectations and if not full filled by any chance leads to grief and sorrow and the result his unhappiness.