Thursday, December 31, 2009

Lampless rooms with light emitting walls!

In an effort to contain CO2 emission, a firm in UK is developing light emitting walls which will serve the double purpose of providing room partition as well as illumination, eliminating the use of carbon emitting conventional lights.

According to London Times, Lomox, a Welsh company, is working on this project and is expected to release the first lot of products in the year 2012. A chemical applied on the wall emits light with the passage of an electric current. The voltage applied is very low so that it does not give shock if anybody touches the wall. The level of illumination of the glow wall can be lowered or increased as per your requirement.

As a trial, the roadside advertisement bill boards will go hi-tech to start with.

Furthermore, this electricity is foreseen to be produced by solar energy as the voltage level is low. This again is a carbon emission cutting process.

The application of this chemical will be extended to flat TV screens, cell phones and computer screens which form a major chunk of consumer electronics.

UK scientists and environmentalists expect a steep fall of carbon emission to the tune of 34% when these products become realities.

Don't you feel that this is a very good news for the New Year?


  1. Fantastic news and a brilliant concept.

  2. This is excellent news. Excellent. What happens at night when you want it to be dark. Just asking.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  3. It is an excellent question. The chemical emits light depending on the electric current input. The current is varied to increase or decrease light. If the circuit is switched off, it is darkness!
    have a great week ahead!