Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Night vision goggles!

Have you heard about night vision - objects are seen with the same clarity in the night as seen during the day time!

Ambient light energy is collected from the moon, yonder stars, neighborhood light sources, etc., and amplified multi-fold; this power packed light is as effective as daylight which is utilized for viewing the images in the dark. The device is made in the form of a goggle for convenient viewing.

Where does it find application? So far this system was used in military operations and espionage missions to carry out their nocturnal activities. Off late civilian departments such as air ambulance services also employ these goggles for locating and exploring massive trees, power transmission lines, rising terrains, steep mountainous fields, river beds, forests and other hazardous areas.

This special goggle was developed by US scientists and the intensity of this light source is phenomenal - you can locate a lighted cigar miles away and see distinctly the contour and texture of leaves of a tree from the mid air.

Air ambulance pilots in US undergo special training for using these high-tech gadgets. In the cockpit, they have to view the ground below through these goggles and watch the instrument panel through regular vision almost simultaneously. Transitioning vision so frequently does pose a challenge to the pilots!

Don't you feel that it is the night version of solar energy gadgets?

Apart from management of hazards caused by Nature's fury, Night Vision, though seemingly contrary to nature, may open up new avenues and challenges such as exploration of forests & sea beds, animal and insect behavior, etc., during the night!

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  1. I think they use this in law enforcement. Perhaps SWAT teams and the like. It would indeed make their jobs easier.

    I'd not thought about exploration at night in other venues. You are right though. You could do all those things.

    Have a terrific day. :)