Saturday, December 5, 2009

Web morality!

Very often couples have more than one email address especially if they are professionals - one for official purposes and the other for personal correspondence, bills payment, blogs, etc. Spouses do get entangled with new relationships during their web adventures. More often it starts as fun and gets hot if left unchecked. Matured couple do appraise each other about their netmates(!) and apply course correction before it is too late.

Sometimes it misfires if the person at the other (web)end is rough and tough. He or she goes to the extent of filing law suit for compensation for all misadventures!

From ethical point of view, it is wrong to seek new relationship without the knowledge of the spouse as it amounts to infidelity. Even from the social angle, such relationship is nothing short of a crime.

How do you stop or control these sort of undesirable adventures? One way is that the spouses should exchange passwords to their personal emails to have a check on each other. This is more of policing in nature.

The other method is that the couple should have a common email address for all their personal and private matters.

Above code of conduct apart, don't you feel mutual trust and perfect understanding between the partners is of paramount importance for marital harmony!

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  1. Hubby and I both have our own personal email accounts, but we know each others passwords so no worry here. I can see this as being a problem if not handled correctly. Very good advice.

    Have a terrific day. :)