Friday, January 29, 2010

Reliable Online Jewelry Stores!

Last month my colleague Jammy approached me one day early in the morning to locate a reliable shop for online purchase of ornaments. His girlfriend Meenu was on an official tour to Germany and he would be missing her during Christmas. Jammy wanted to give a surprise gift to Meenu. Christmas was hardly a week away and Jammy wanted the gift to be delivered to his sweetheart on Christmas Eve at Germany without fail. Being his most trusted adviser, without any hesitation, I recommended to him the leading online shop who deal with Links of London Jewellery, the most dependable and authentic jewelry maker around the globe.

Links of London manufactures silver jewelry and related accessories. It is interesting to note that the very first jewelry made by the company were presented as gifts to loyal customers of a restaurant way back in the year 1990! The firm developed into a major global player in the manufacture of genuine, authentic and reasonably priced silver ornaments of different kinds in the last 20 years and achieved the Best Jewelery Brand award in the year 2007.

eLinksJewellery is a professional organization handling Links of London make silver ornaments such as bracelets, charms, chains, earrings, rings, watches and related accessories. 100% genuine & authentic products, prompt service, lowest price, global presence, easy-to-carryout online transactions and sound customer care are the success Mantras of this organization. Their network of customers is vast and extends to countries like UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Thailand, Ireland, Switzerland, Singapore, etc.

The online jewelry stores is user friendly with simple operations to view & select the ornaments, make payment, furnish shipping details and to monitor deliveries online. Simply register with eLinksJewellery and create your account which enables you to move through checkout process faster, store multiple shipping addresses and view & track your orders till you get the package physically delivered at your doorstep. By simply sitting at the cool comforts of your sweet home, you will be able to explore the 177 types of bracelets, 181 types of charms, 18 types of necklaces, 10 types of ear rings, 7 types of watches, 6 types of rings and 3 types of chains now available in the online stores by a single click on the search option! You can view the ornaments sorted on the basis of name. Alternatively you can specify your price range and get the variety of products falling within that range and select the right one. Click on the individual ornaments for an enlarged, clear and amazing photograph - you feel that you are actually viewing the product across the shelves of the stores in person! Besides photographs, product description, size, grade of silver, retail price and the best discounted price are also displayed. Live chat option is also available for further clarity round the clock by a click if you so desire! Each jewelry comes in a special pouch with a gift box. After choosing the product and quantity, simply add to cart to complete the selection.

By clicking the option Earrings on the main web page, you will be able to explore conveniently the entire lot of 10 nos. Links of London Earrings presently offered. Earrings with different types of hooking arrangements, Sweetie earrings, Siren Reaf earrings, Fish shaped earrings, Raindance earrings, etc., are displayed in a separate web page. The images can be enlarged by simply placing the mouse cursor on them for better clarity. Vital details such as description, material, retail price and special discounted price are available in these screen shots. Here again, you can specify the price range and select the products within your budget. There is also a Best Value option to assist you to select the best earrings for your budgeted price.

eLinksJewellery also offers two types of silver key rings as Links of London Accessories at present. Here again, the product description, composition, and price can be accessed by clicking the search option.

For the benefit of international buyers, prices are displayed in major currencies - USD, EURO, AUD, GBP, and CAD. Payment can be made by credit cards through PayPal. Generally shipping takes place in 12-48 hours and the package is shipped by Parcel force for safety and effective tracking. You can track your order in website with the help of tracking no. of the parcel. Return and Exchanges are permitted for these online purchases within 30 days of receipt of packages. For returning the package you have to engage Parcel force, UPS, USPS or FedEx which are world renowned, most reliable and easy to track.

My colleague Jammy was immensely happy with the choice of beautiful jewelry he could pick up at the lowest price and get it delivered smartly with in a short period at the doorsteps of his girlfriend in Germany through For his girlfriend Meenu it was a memorable and adorable Christmas Gift! Jammy thanked me profusely for directing him to the right shop. Hey, what are you waiting for? Make a bee line to for the cutest gift to your smartest girl friend for this Valentine's Day!