Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tackle body flab with CO2 injection!

Carbon dioxide, which causes harmful global warming, can be better utilized to reduce flab from human body!

Researchers believe that carbon dioxide injected into the top skin of the flab portion like thighs, knees, abdomen etc., diffuses into the tissues and dilates the blood vessels in these locations causing adequate flow of fresh blood enriched with oxygen and nutrients. CO2 kills the fat while oxygen minimizes the fluid content between cells.

Free flow of blood helps patients fight diabetes and heart problems effectively for a healthier life.

Some of the scientists are of the opinion that this method can work in the portions of knees and thighs only and not on abdominal flab which contributes a major chunk of fat in overweight persons. Also researchers feel that the process is more psychological and the patients should cooperate further to reduce flab by dieting and exercising too!

We do hope that scientists will surely find a solution to tackle the abdominal fat also in the years to come.

Don't you feel happy about the fact that there is one more absorption center for CO2 now - the human body - in our battle to save Planet Earth!


  1. it is a great news that every obse person can contribute to the GREEN EARTH PROGRAM by consuming a bit of co2 . but i am really worried that are we not going to starve the plants of co2

  2. Hope plants will have their share of CO2! Thanks for your comment!