Thursday, January 21, 2010

Virtual visit and internet medical treatment!

Gone are the days when you are ill, the doctor prescribes medicine after physical examination. The 21st century doctors are smarter, they prescribe medicine based on 'virtual visit' to examine the patients health condition.

American doctors have started their 'virtual house call' by examining the patients through Internet. The patient explain their problems during the chat. Their facial expressions, physical appearance, eyes,etc., give enough clues about the ailments. Based on these aspects, doctors diagnose the diseases and prescribe drugs.

Texas is the first state to experiment this type of virtual house visit and other states will follow in due course.

The positive aspects of this Internet medication are significant-

Elimination of delays in fixing appointment with doctor and waiting for doctor's visit which may be of the order of several weeks resulting in loss of precious time especially in respect of old people.

Virtual visit costs around $45 whereas it is much more for 'real' visits by doctors. In the light of the present governmental stringent stipulations of medical insurance schemes, many patients may opt for economic affordable virtual visits.

Prompt medical treatment gives solace to patients which cannot be quantified.

On the other side, the departure from the time-tested 'physical examination' of the patient for diagnosis is not favourably accepted by a section of doctors.

In my opinion virtual visit may be sufficient for minor ailments and for major ones the traditional touch and feel symptoms only should be resorted to.

What is your opinion about this net treatment?


  1. There's nothing like the hands on examination, but with someone that has a history with the doctor this would save lots of time. Like recurring issues. Excellent idea in that case.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  2. I appreciate your comment. For repetitive complaints virtual call is very handy!