Sunday, March 28, 2010

N-Viro International Corp - Path Finders of Waste to Energy Technology!

Waste product disposal is a real challenge to modern society with the ever increasing population and industrialization world over. Waste product causes rapid deterioration of environment. Scientists are busy round-the-clock researching Waste to Energy Technology to find a solution to this grave situation. N-Viro International Corp, a not-so-popular organization in the USA, has hit upon the right solution in its great mission to transform municipal waste products into beneficial reusable products for Planet Earth.

N-Viro's technology solution consists of a special process wherein recycling of bio organic wastes and water waste sludge from municipal waste water treatment are mixed with alkaline waste products from electric utilities, coal, lime and cement industries to produce a new wave fertilizer sans bad odor and toxicity! The firm, with a strong technology base, supplied this wonderful fertilizer and fuel for enrichment of agricultural soil for the city of Toledo in the USA in the mid eighties.

The performance of N-Viro fuel is better than that of coal. Air emission is within regulatory limits and this may be termed as near clean coal. Boiler performance with this opportunity fuel is perfect without any abnormalities. In effect N-Viro fuel is not only a renewable energy fuel but also an alternative energy fuel compared to conventional coal combustion system in thermal power generation.

N-Viro soil is in granular form as that of soil and has numerous plus points. It can be utilized for soil enrichment, top soil blending, land fill cover and filter. It is being extensively used by farmers for over 15 years for land reclamation apart from being employed as agricultural lime in many states in the US.

N-Viro International Corp is making a silent revolution in saving Mother Earth from the harmful effects of waste products. The firm is doing very well in terms of business turnover also - the sales of the environment-friendly products has exceeded USD 40 million mark. The firm has spread its wings in many states of the USA and is fast moving towards international market!

Join us to intensify our crusade against environmental abuse and to propagate the innovative efforts put in by organizations like N-Viro to save our planet! Let N-Viro be the role model for similar technologists to explore new avenues for countering the ill effects of environmental pollution!

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