Sunday, March 21, 2010

New Rehab for gadget-addicted school kids!

A new generation Rehab clinic has been launched in London to help addicts, below 12-years-old! For a change, these young children are not drug addicts but addicts to modern gadgets like computers, video games, Internet and mobiles! These kids have thrown their studies and career to the winds and surrendered totally to the display screens! These "screenagers" cause a lot of concern to their parents who have found them beyond control.

Parents hitherto sought assistance from Rehab centers to cure their kids who were addicted to substances like marijuana, cocaine, etc. Now the situation is totally different and they do not know how to handle this type of gadget-addiction! They find that the treatment offered by traditional Rehab centers is inadequate and unsuitable.

Addiction to gadgets is more of a mental and psychological activity which requires a special treatment. New generation Rehabs divert focus of kids to social networking, personal discussions, physical games, developing friendship with kids of the same age and background etc. Further addicts are made to understand the ill-effects of wasting several hours playing video games, online chat, internet exploration and mobile conversation. They are made to realize that their class rank gets a beating as they neglect studies, timely eating, healthy food, etc.

The London Rehab center for "Screenagers" appears to be on the right track. Hello, please take care of your "Screenagers" too!

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  1. I like the news about computer addiction concerning kids its a real problem. There is allways a new addiction. I must stop blogging now it definetly is an addiction and stops me from practicing!