Thursday, March 18, 2010

Smokeless caffine cigarette!

Here is a welcome news for the smoking community! A cigarette has been developed by a Harvard University Professor with a difference - smokeless and non-nicotine product!

'Le whif', the new generation cigarette utilizes caffeine in place of tobacco.

The cigarette is in the form of a lipstick type container and you have to pull it out and push in into your mouth and inhale to get your coffee kicks - no blowing of smoke and no pollution!

Now there is no need to wait for long time in coffee shops; no need to wait in long queues in front of the coffee wending machines; no need to reheat coffee in micro-oven and no wastage of time on this account. The new cigarette also aims at reducing coffee consumption and the related hangovers.

A pack of three costs $8 and each piece $3. There is a huge appreciation for this product amongst coffee lovers!

Here is a golden opportunity to cigarette addicts who want to get rid of smoking. Switchover to smokeless cigarette immediately. You will be saved from the ill effects of nicotine. Our society will be saved from passive smoking. Our beautiful Planet Earth will be saved from pollution!

Please let me have your views on this product.


  1. Oh goody. It doesn't stink like cigarettes do. Good.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  2. good for cigarette addicts . but they should use it and quit smoking tobacco