Friday, April 30, 2010

Anti Depressants and Birth Control Pills Cause Lack of Sexual Drive in Women!

If your sweetheart complains of lack of sexual desire please do not treat it casually. Check whether she is habituated to birth control pills.

Modern women are beset with different type of problems - stress in work place, struggle in relationship with spouse or boy friend, worries concerning rearing children, trouble with in-laws, etc. These problems result in stress and depression in women. They resort to heavy smoking and drinking to find temporary relief. In this process they get accustomed to drugs and anti depressants gradually without their knowledge.

Gynecology and Obstetrics researchers in the USA find that birth control pills and anti depressants have a negative impact on the women’s sexual drive. This also results in further deterioration in relationship between partners. Women also get into a psychological fear syndrome on their sexual disorder and potency.

I appeal to the fairer sex to refrain from or minimize consumption of anti depressants and birth control pills to lead a healthy and prosperous life!


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