Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Generate Useful Heat and Electricity from Clean Garbage Technology!

Foul smelling and irritating trash is recycled to generate heat energy and electricity for utility in local communities in European countries! Yes, in Denmark, from Horsham to Copenhagen, giant new-generation incineration plants convert useless garbage into useful electricity and heat and the flue gas pollutants are trapped in filters and disposed quietly without being let to atmosphere through lanky chimneys.

What are the achievements?
The country’s overall energy cost has come down.
Purchase of fuel (gas and oil) has reduced.
Land filling with garbage, the resultant pollution of the atmosphere and the related cost have become the things of the past.
With lower CO2 emission there is cleaner environment.
Horsham’s 80% heat energy and 20% electricity are contributed by garbage plants.

Garbage gets a new look; it is no more a disgusting substance but a wonderful alternative fuel generator thanks to technological innovation! Municipalities are the major sources of garbage in most of the towns of Denmark. At present there are 29 garbage plants catering to 98 municipalities with a population of 5.5 million people.

In Europe Denmark, Germany and Netherlands are the forerunners who have adopted this clean garbage technology.

Being non-pollutants, these incinerators are located in the proximity of the consumers residential areas without causing any nuisance. Incidentally it also facilitates piped connections of hot gas to residences easily and efficiently without much expense and loss of heat. Meticulous planning has been done by local planners to collect residential garbage and industrial garbage separately with proper identification so that the output fuel from residential garbage could be utilized for respective communities without any hassle.

Denmark is a role model for garbage utility for a cleaner environment and every country should adopt this technology to keep Planet Earth free from pollution!


  1. Very nice. I guess we have enough garbage to convert into electricity but will that be implemented - That is the question And when?

  2. You are right! We have too much of garbage which can be converted into huge quantum of electricity! Thanks for visiting!