Friday, April 9, 2010

Sleep Raiders to Food Counters!

We have heard about sleep walkers affected by insomnia. There is a new extension to this community- sleep devours! These people make a beeline to the refrigerator and down huge chunks of pastries, fruits, snacks, etc., in their nocturnal tour to the kitchen with wide open eyes but still in sleep!

Many of them get confused with the left out food crumbs on their garments and limbs with quizzical look the next morning! They also feel that their stomuch is full early in the morning even before breakfast! These sort of night raids result in cuts on the arms & fingers caused by knives and forks.

According to US resaechers these night raiders attack junk food invariably. The reason for this action is normal biologial urge to eat and this is not attributable to any type of eating disorders during the day time. Psychiatrists feel that these nocturnal eaters should be treated and trained to have sound sleep without disturbance during the night.

I have a simple solution to this problem - why not keep the fridge clean without any food every night to discourage these guys? Please share your views.


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