Saturday, May 8, 2010

Now Students Can Memorize Lessons During Sleep Using Talking Pillows!

Here is a good news for students worldwide - you can revise your class notes and important text book contents when you are asleep!

Scientists believe that lessons listened to by students during their sleep gets registered in their memory which can be recalled fully or partially depending on their brain activity. Based on this principle, US researchers have devised a special "talking pillow" to help students with their last minute preparation for examinations. A speaker provided in the pillow is connected to a MP3 player or CD player with prerecorded study material and this devise is kept on during sleeping hours of the students. Initial research has revealed that the students are able to recap part of the contents memorized during their sleep.

Talking pillow enables not only effective revision of lessons but also ensures proper sleep which is precious during exam seasons for recharging the youngsters.

I feel that the same technique can be adopted for memorizing songs and poems by everyone of us irrespective of our age.

This is a very good news for our Master Lazy too - he can memorize school stuff while he snores!

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  1. I need two talking pillows urgently. Where are they available?