Friday, August 27, 2010

Your Intelligent Toilet Provides Urine Analysis And BP Records Now!

The lackluster toilet was designed for attending to one's biological needs once upon a time. Designers realized that toilet and bathroom are places where you spend considerable time everyday alone and in privacy. You are free at your natural without inhibitions. You can utilize this time in reading your favorite book or enjoying tunes of your heart delight from your iPod or simply planning your next move in your crucial company affairs in solitude without any disturbance. As these kind of activities do require the right ambiance and background, interior decorators came up with the "glamor room" concept with a well lit and well furnished toilet and bathroom.

The latest update by Japanese architects on this subject is a "Intelligent Toilet". The smart restroom incorporates a mini medical lab which provides urine analysis, blood pressure and body temperature records. You can also check your weight and height in this high tech toilet.

I am sure many more gadget will also be added to this smart toilet so that you get more value added services in the near future!


  1. Good grief, that's a lot of stuff this toilet does. I would pass on the weight though. That would be downright depressing to have it tell me my weight all day long. Just saying.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  2. You beat me! I have drafted a blog post and now I think I will have to shelve it.