Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Charge Your Mobile While You Walk Without Power Source!

It is an everyday problem for all of us to charge mobile phone especially when you are on the go. Most often we forget to take the charger along with the phone and that presents a frustrating experience when you cell phone goes out of juice.

Here is a good news, you can charge your cell phone while you stroll or jog without the need for a charger and power source. Researchers from Princeton University invented a tiny device that converts the body movements and vibrations into an electric current. The device is made of tiny ribbons of ceramic material which when flexed produces electricity due to "Piezoelectric" effect.

Here again electric power is generated from everyday wasteful movements of the body. When this amazing gadget is perfected and launched in the market it is nothing short of a boon to smartphone users. The device also forces you to go for a walk indirectly helping you to keep your body healthy and fit.


  1. Now this is amazing. I find all the new gadgets and what they can do right here on your site. Thanks.

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  2. Thanks for sharing this news sir.