Sunday, November 7, 2010

Female Flamingos Use Preening Oil To Brighten Up During Mating Season!

The stately looking flamingos behave like humans as far as dating is concerned. The journal on Behavioral Ecology & Sociology reveals this interesting observation made by researchers for a period of 3 years on birds.

The female flamingo uses make-up very often to attract its male partner. Preening oil is utilized not only to waterproof its feathers but also to brighten them up to entice the love lorn male. Rubbed on the neck, breast and beak, pigments in the waxy substance brighten the female pink plumage. This process is repeated vigorously and frequently by the female flamingo well ahead of the mating season to induce her partner to make amorous advances.

As in the case of human beings, this make-up is time consuming too. Birds, animals or humans, the technique to trap the guys by the gals remains the same in nature!

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  1. Yes, we girls know how to do this very well. It really doesn't take a lot of work either. Just saying.

    Have a terrific day. :)