Wednesday, May 11, 2011

ATRIX Mobile Phone Recognizes Your Fingerprint!

Variety of wonderful mobile phones are available in the market at present. Motorola's ATRIX phone is an intelligent cellphone which is a bundle of high tech stuff combining all super functions of smartphone and computer. The magic mobile phone employs latest technical wizardry right from the start. Yes, you need to identify yourself with your own fingerprint. It is ideally suited for secret service assignments and an adorable gift for a spy on an espionage mission.

As the owner of the brand new smartphone you swipe your finger on the touch screen several times so that the device registers and remembers your identity without a password. Once it is familiar with your fingerprint it never allows any other person to operate it.

The ATRIX gadget can work as a smartphone, laptop computer, personal computer, media center or satellite navigator by plugging into a range of special docks.

Not only James Bond but also other techno-savvy supermen would find this gadget extremely useful!

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  1. I like this technology very much. This is indeed James Bond technology.

    Have a terrific day. :)