Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It is not cloning but sex which is a must for healthier offsprings to fight parasites!

Sex is one of the most important biological urges devouring mankind from time immemorial. For that matter all living beings resort to one form or other of sex to procreate and perpetuate their race in this world.

Cloning is one form of reproduction which is most talked about nowadays. Cloning also lends itself admirably well to create hybridized version of species which are dissimilar, as in the case of a donkey and a horse. With the rapid advancement in the cloning technology one wonders whether at all natural sex is a necessity. Will normal sex see its end in the near future?

Scientists have discovered that cloning has an inherent flaw - a cloned cow or horse has very little immunity to bacterial attack. As against this, a baby bear or any other animal born out of normal sex is highly immune to parasites and has the capability to survive despite bacterial bombardment. Researchers of Indiana University found that the real strength of an offspring born out of normal sex lies in its capability to fight parasites and survive. This being the truth there cannot be any danger to the sexual activity among the living beings, especially the smart mankind. Kudos to sex and love life of mankind!

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  1. Cloning will always take a backseat to the real thing. Just saying.

    Have a terrific day. :)