Friday, September 2, 2011

Are Kids A Must For Nuclear Families?

From the good old days of joint families we have come to an era of nuclear families. The number of kids in a nuclear family is also dwindling rapidly due to economic and personal reasons. The question now is whether to have children or not in a nuclear family.

The new mantra DINKS (Double Parents & No Kids) is catching up fast now. Both the partners are educated & empowered professionals aspiring to lead a luxurious life with least encumbrances.

Child bearing and rearing is stressful and difficult for the modern woman who is not only a homemaker but also a bread winner in the family. Furthermore the process is quite expensive. Time is dear and spouses like to utilize the same for their career growth. As a consequence children are brought up by maid servants. Even if the spouses get free time they tend to use it for travel, hobbies and bonding. The equation between the partners changes drastically due to demands and needs of children. There is a feeling amongst the partners that their personal relationship is jeopardized by the arrival of kids.

The other side of the issue is interesting. Husband or wife become more self-centered and highly individualistic. Personal needs override other priorities. Personal relationship does not evolve as the partners do not move to the next level of their love life - parenthood. Kids play a neutral role at times of crisis in the family. They also help parents to look beyond themselves.

There is no formula solution for this problem. Situation for each couple is unique and they have to take decision befitting their commitments and goals in life.

Despite all odds in this issue,the experience of majority of the people around the world is that you really miss something if you do not have children!


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