Thursday, September 22, 2011

When tough candidates encounter interviewer...!

While attending an interview is an art, conducting an interview is more than a science. The interviewer has to prepare his questions in a logical sequence so as to bring out the best talent from the candidate within the extremely short time available.

Interviewers also have their tales of woe. They come across variety of candidates some of whom behave in unimaginable ways. Here are some of the strange real-life situations confronted by professional interviewers.

In the midst of an interview a candidate answered a telephone call from his wife. Within minutes the blessed lady appeared before the interviewer with a cheese burger pack for her husband. The husband sought permission of the interviewer to eat the burger.

A woman candidate requested the interviewer to complete the interview fast as she had left her child alone in the car.

A guy attributed his late-coming to the treatment he had to take for a cyst on his rear end.

A guy fell asleep while filling up the application form.

Terrible body odor of a candidate drove an interviewer mad. He had to spray a dash of strong deodorant on his body before resuming the interview.

A student stared at his mobile every now and then. On the mobile screen was the photograph of his girlfriend with no clothes on.

A candidate, who was not good in English, brought his mother with him for translation during the interview. The job pertained to customer service!

Source: Readers Digest

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  1. Yep they are out there and they breed too. What idiots. Just saying.

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