Monday, November 7, 2011

PictureParty Holiday is an amazing app for your photo frames!

Frame enhances the beauty of the pictures you take with your camera.  The application PictureParty Holiday glorifies the memorable photographs you have taken during a birthday party, picnic or festivals like Christmas, Diwali, etc, with awesome photo frames and make them more meaningful.

PictureParty Holiday is an application which supports iOS devices such as iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.   Simply select the theme like travel, wedding, Haloween, etc., the application flashes the related environment and color combine for the photo frames and you can pick up from a wide range of frames.  It also provides the right music apt for the function.  Alternatively you can download music of your choice from your iTunes.

The app is priced nominally and is downloadable easily without any hassle.  Next time you plan a family function or an office meet, do make use of this app and impress your friends and relatives with your exquisite photo albums using PictureParty Holiday frame!   

pictureparty holiday

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  1. How cool this is. I like it.

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