Friday, January 27, 2012

Oprah Winfrey in India! (Part-2)

America's leading TV talk show host, Oprah Winfrey, now on a visit to India,  is aghast with the great and mixed life experience in India.  Her TV chat with  the local NDTV reporter Burkha Dutt is very interesting.  Here are some of her reactions to the various day-to-day scenarios on the roads of Mumbai.

"The sight of ox pulling heavy steel beams, a man riding a donkey, a man on a motorbike using his cell phone", said the world's best known TV talk show host, "India is a paradox.  It has been my greatest life experience", she added.     Her compassionate side surfaced, she goes on to imagine the ox asking the man to put himself in his shoes, pulling the heavy weight of steel.  

She expressed her shock and amazement to the utter disregard of the vehicle driving community to the red lights signals on the roads.  The traffic jam is awful.

Oprah's  visit to Vrindavan to meet widows mover her.  "I have spoken for years for women to won their voices.  Just because your husband has died, you cannot become second class citizens.  This kind of thing should be eradicated from earth," she said.


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