Thursday, November 29, 2012

Love at first flight!

Getting stranded in airports is a global phenomenon especially during the winter season.  You may feel lonely and bored.  Don't worry, Airport Dating comes to your rescue. 

Steve Pasternack, a web entrepreneur, has created an exclusive dating website "" to connect travelers at the airport.   There are already 20,000 members worldwide in this website.  Members are required to enter their personal interests, aesthetic profile, flight details and departure airport.   The website matches fliers with individuals having similar interests and travel arrangements. Right now the website is popular with fliers of the US, Mexico and Germany and it is fast catching up with other countries too. 

According to Steve Pasternack, the ideal place for dating is the airport and inside air craft where most of the people are idle and relaxed.    Leisurely and lengthy talks may culminate into romance and relationships.  It could work out for business also.

Youngsters in their 20's and 30's have to travel a lot and are focused on building up their career.  They don't find time for dating when at home.  Airport dating is a boon to them.

Airport are bound to be transformed into social meeting places in the near future.  Authorities of Vantaa Airport in Helsinki, Finland, recently contemplated the possibility of introducing an airport speed-dating service.

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  1. I'll pass on this one. I'm married anyway, but airports? I don't think so. If it works for others though so be it.

    Have a terrific day. :)