Monday, December 24, 2012

FOMO syndrome and the younger generation!

The other day, during dinner time, I announced in a loud voice to my wife and two teenage daughters Maya and Jaya that we are going on a 3-weeks family holidays to the USA.  I looked at my daughters and said, "There is one condition.  Holiday time will be family time.  No phones, iPads or laptops allowed."  There was sharp reaction from Maya who said, "I have to keep my iPhone.  I cannot stay detached from my friends and the world just because we are going on holidays."  

This is the age of digital technology is exclusively meant for the younger generation.  This generation is characterized by a syndrome known as "Fear Of Missing Out" (FOMO).  It is the uncontrollable yearning to be at two or more places at the same time.  This condition is fueled by the fear of missing out on something which can put a dent in our happiness, status or career.  

A researcher on FOMO remarks -  In the early days, people used think, "I have a feeling.  I like make a phone call.  Now it is more like "I want to have a feeling, so, I need to send a text message."

It appears to be an irresistible need nowadays to know what everyone is unto all the time, be it friends, relatives, family, acquaintances, colleagues, ex-es or even total strangers.   Precious part of the day is spent checking emails, statuses, 'likes' comments and pictures uploaded on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.  Any kind of information- however trivial- is important.  According to a recent survey, 62% of adult members of the social networking sites, claim that they keep a watchful eye on these sites because they don't want to miss out anything.  80% teens sleep with their mobiles near their bedside and get up from their bed only after sending thousands of text messages. 

How does one get rid of FOMO syndrome?  Scientists have suggested some tips.
Try not to reply a text message immediately unless it is really urgent.
Choose your friend carefully in social networking sites.  Ask yourself whether there will be value addition to your life by befriending the new person.
Study the profile of the new person carefully before allowing anyone to be your friend.
Fix your priorities.  Leave your mobile phone at home when you go out with your loved ones next time.
If someone needs to talk to you, they will definitely call you back.  You don't need to chase people.

Folks, do away with FOMO and lead a successful, happy and tension-free life!


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  1. I don't have one of these phone and our cell phone we disabled texting. Too many people trying to sell you something and it was costing us. We actually talk to each other. What a concept. The young are becoming less and less social with each other. They need a phone to communicate. Sad.

    Have a terrific day and may you and yours have a very merry Christmas. :)