Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Romance!

Today is Valentine's Day.  Who is more romantic- men or women?  In an interesting survey conducted on 2000 men and women by Consumer Intelligence in the UK, it was proved beyond doubts that men are more romantic than women.  Let's have a look at the research results.

While 21.5% of women said they would do nothing to celebrate, only 14.5% men said they would not venture to do anything special to impress their women folks.  

Most of the women informed that they were satisfied with sending cards to their lovers whereas majority of men planned to spend a lot of money towards bouquets, jewelry,  chocolates, theater tickets, candle-lit dinner in posh restaurants and splash-out on champagne on Valentine's Day.

After all, the fairer sex deserves a reasonable maintenance and retention cost which has to be borne by the not-so-fairer sex as per the Law of Nature!

1 comment:

  1. Hubby and I just do cards. That's more than enough. We have Valentines day year around.

    You fixed whatever was happening over here. I knew you would. Thanks a million.

    Have a fantastic day and a very happy Valentines day too. ☺