Tuesday, March 26, 2013

At 17 UK teen sells app in hefty deal and becomes a Millionaire!!

Yahoo! announced plans on Monday to buy mobile news reader app Summly from the London teenager

who invented it, likely transforming him into one of the world’s youngest self-made multimillionaires.  The company did not disclose the terms of the deal it struck with 17-yearold Nick D’Aloisio, but the London Evening Standard said Yahoo! would pay between $30-60 million.
“At the age of 15, Nick D’Aloisio created the Summly app at his home in London. It started with an
insight — that we live in a world of constant information and need new ways to simplify how we find the
stories that are important to us, at a glance.” 

“We’re excited to share that we’re acquiring Summly, a mobile product company founded with a
vision to simplify the way we get information, making it faster, easier and more concise,” Yahoo! said in a

Courtesy: TOI, Chennai, India

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  1. Way to go. I love to see the young step up to the plate and do what they want to see done. Excellent.

    Have a terrific day. ☺