Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Black box to forewarn you about breakdown of your car!

A new "black box" device that forewarns car drivers of an impending breakdown in advance through a  phone call, text or email is to be launched by RAC motoring organization in the UK.  The device is of the size of a match box housed in the car's computer system.    There already exists a network of RAC Advance members;  the black box details of their vehicles are stored in a data bank.

The device detects problems related to engine, gearbox, battery, alternator, brakes and filters.  It transmits data about these vital parameters before and after a journey to the data bank.

In case of a breakdown or an accident, the RAC Advance sends signals to the patrolman indicating the car's location and the nature of problem.  The system updates computers at the RAC headquarters with the information about how the car is running.  If a fault occurs, the drivers get a phone call or text message or email.

"Offering peace of my mind on the run" is the motto of the organizers of RAC.   

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  1. Now this is a way cool device. I want one.

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