Friday, March 8, 2013

Women's Day!

“Frailty thy name is woman!”, this is a famous Shakespearean quote, though not apt on a Women’s Day .  Weakness in mathematics and discomfort in reading maps are the universal characteristics of women from time immemorial.  As against this, multitasking is the greatest strength every woman.  Scholars of IIM- Ahmedabad, India have carried out an extensive research on the social behavior of a group of women in order to unearth the myths about the qualities of the fairer sex.

Myth:  Women are inveterate shoppers.
Reality:  Retail therapy is not an exclusive feminine trait.  One in two shoppers is a man.  Modern retail is overwhelmingly male dominated.  While women are driven by their heart, men are ruled by their head.  Men are extremely emotional about their purchases and women are more value-seeking.

Myth:  Women are right brain creatures.
Reality:  Men are supposed to be logical, analytical and focused whereas women are said to be creative and emotional.  This gender delusion persists despite the growing presence of women in the financial and banking services.  Scientists opine that behavioral differences between the sexes can’t be explained by the brain.  Cultural expectations and pressures play a vital role.

Myth:  Women talk more.
Reality:  Talkative women and silent men…that’s how popular culture spins it.  But the notion that women talk more is an urban myth.  For every study showing women talk more, there’s another showing men talk more.  It’s high time to stop the chatter and bury the myth.

Myth:  Women are crazy about brands.
Reality:  The IIM-A study discovered that the reality is just the opposite.  Men go for brands.  Women buy products.  The study shows that men would not mind buying their favorite brand in smaller sizes, but women will simply opt for some other brand with better value for money.    

Yes, the modern women are smarter than men!

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  1. I'm not so sure they are smarter, but I agree with these assessments. For every rule there is someone to defy that rule. Excellent post.

    Have a terrific day. :)