Friday, July 26, 2013

Your face will replace your credit card very soon!

Very soon credit card may become a thing of the past.  Yes, Uniqul, a Finland-based firm, has developed an
innovative identification system for customers. The customer signs up to the technology by simply registering their identification and bank details.  According to Uniqul researchers the face is a PIN and it's a foolproof way to identify a person. After buying groceries, when you get to the payment counter,  instead of swiping the card, you stand in front of a camera which recognizes your face and links it with your bank account.

The Finnish scientists claim that unique identity has been developed even for identical twins.   In cases where the system is not 100% accurate, it will ask the persons to input their PIN as  security. 
The transaction is several times faster than that of a credit card.   

The product is expected to hit Helsinki market in a couple of months.  You don't need to remember and carry your credit card and no issue of losing it.   



  1. If it will stop all the fraud then great. Something needs to be done.

    Have a terrific day. ☺