Friday, January 24, 2014

Sexy app!

Sex with Glass app adds spice to lovemaking

A new app for Googles hi-tech wearable computing gadget,Glass,would reportedly change the way people have sex,ormore appropriately view it.The Sex with Glass app has been designed to enhance the wearers experience while having sexual intercourse.

The app records ones sexual activity when the wearer says OK Glass,its time and live streams the video to the partner and vice versa,metro-. reports.If one wants to stop seeing what their partner sees,a command OK Glass,pull out would be sufficient.
The app would then string together all the footage from both the partners and play it back before deleting the video five hours later.According to the report,the Sex with Glass app also allows users to turn down the lights and turn up the music with voice commands apart from providing suggestions for which positions one can use next.Developer of the app,Sherif Maktabi,a design student at London's Central Saint Martins art college,said that having sex with Google Glass on brings a completely new perspective.

Source: TOI

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