Monday, January 6, 2014

Wonder device enables you to taste food displayed on your computer screen!

Singapore:Scientists have developed a digital device that can recreate on your tongue the taste of food and drinks you view on your screen.The device,developed by Nimesha Ranasinghean from the National University of Singapore,generates signals transmitted through a silver electrode touching the tip of the tongue to produce salty,sweet,sour and bitter tastes.
By combining different levels of electrical currents and varying the temperature of the electrode,simulation of the tastes can be reproduced,researchers said.
In experiments,sour,salty and bitter sensations were reported from electrical stimulation,while minty,spicy and sweet sensations were reported through thermal stimulation.The latter group represented minor sensations,requiring further work to intensify tastes.The researchers have developed a taste-over-internet protocol for taste messaging,a format that allows delivery of information on recreating different tastes.They said diabetics could use the device for a taste of sweetness without affecting blood sugar levels.

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  1. What will they think of next? This is amazing technology.

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