Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Army jokes!

Discussing telephone etiquette for naval recruits, our lieutenant recalled a cautionary tale about the time he
thought he was calling the ship's chart house.
A sleepy voice answered, "Yeah, whaddaya want?"
"That's no way to answer a phone when an officer calls," he snarled.  "Now let's start over.  Pretend I just called you."
"OK.  Captain's cabin, captain speaking."

During the Bangladesh Liberation war, one of our officers posted at the border came across a pregnant woman in great pain who wanted to cross over into India.  As she had no papers, her migration could not be allowed officially.  But moved by her plight, the officer consulted his colleagues and allowed the woman entry.  The official entry file read: "Okayed Baby in the vehicle." 
There was no immigration restriction for children!


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  1. Bwahahahahaahahaha. Captain's cabin, captain speaking. That will get anyone's attention.

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