Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spanish shark delivers 10 babies with the help of a man!

Stranger than fiction. 
A man in Spain has done a good deed not many can boast of;  he helped a shark give birth to a total of ten babies on a local beach.
Antonio Calvillo was driving to work when he saw something thrashing around on the beach in Fuengirola in southern Spain.
"I thought it was a stranded dolphin but when I made my way over,I realized it was a (Blue) shark", he said.He called emergency services and then decided to try and drag the animal out to sea by the tail because it seemed tired,but not injured or hurt.  A married couple who passed by also offered to help him.

Strangely, while (the shark) was thrashing about, they noticed a little tail coming out of its stomach.  When the rescuers realized the animal was giving birth,Calvillo applied pressure to its stomach. He did so until the creature had given birth to around ten babies.  The little sharks then swam back towards the sea.

"My first thought was that if something happens to the mother at least the babies will live", Calvillo said.
Two guards then helped drag the exhausted shark back into the water.The mother shark then recovered enough to be able to swim out to sea unaided.

Moral of the story from sharks' view point:
Let's be kind to the human beings and give them a better deal in the future!

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  1. What a wonderful story with a happy ending. Good for that guy to help.

    Have a terrific day. ☺