Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Meet the natural inseminators!

Now, men are offering to have sex with women struggling to conceive.

Alternate means of procreation and a redefined code of sexual conduct have created a new kind of sperm donor -the natural inseminator. He actually replaces the idea of a sperm bank with something far less faceless and far more personal. A natural inseminator is a man who will have sex with a woman wishing to conceive -no vials, no cryobanks, and fresh, not frozen sperm.There is no price attached to this “offer“. And no emotional strings of combined parenthood either.

Why would a man agree to be a natural inseminator? says that some men are altruistically motivated to help out a woman or couple struggling to have a child. The others say they want to “ensure the continuation of their genetic lineage“. Women connect with artificial inseminators mostly through Facebook groups or online forums.

There are of course many ethical and emotional issues at work here. As The Daily Beast points out there is some resemblance between the natural insemination and prostitution -in both cases, the sex is transactional. Then, the inseminators could simply be looking for random sex. “As with any predetermined sexual exchange, it's difficult to trust that a donor is a safe, healthy, and respectful sexual partner,“ says And for a couple, what does it mean for the woman to be having extramarital sex even if it is not for pleasure?

But given the huge price tag attached to most other forms of artificial reproduction, free and productive intercourse might sound like a good, if very tangled, idea.


  1. Well, I'm too old for this, but whatever blows your skirt up. I would do it if I were young. I might find what I'd deem as a match and go that way, but there would have to be some attachment.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  2. What is the exact motive of this post? Can u explain me back?

    1. This is just an information collected from the newspaper. The post does not analyse the nature of the act. The reader has to draw his/her own conclusions.