Wednesday, January 14, 2015

21-year-old female boss rewards top staffers with BMW bonus!

A Chinese entrepreneur has gifted four BMWs as year-end bonus to high performing employees. The person
taking the decision is a 21-year-old girl who built her own $34 million business in Qingdao city in two short years.

Niu Mudong established a brand for skin care, health care and weight loss while she was studying at a university in the United States. Her monthly sales revenue rose to $3 million over the past two years, according to a Chinese news agency .

The four receivers of BMWs are female students in universities who work for Niu. They are among several students who joined her to generate additional income to cover their fee and expenses. “The four girls are university students. The oldest is 22 and the youngest is 19. But every one's yearly sales revenue reached more than 10m RMB ($1.6m).  Niu said, “They are just extraordinary. Our team made 200m RMB ($34m) this year.“

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