Saturday, January 17, 2015

UK girl student raises £45k for helpful homeless man!

In an act of gratitude that is warming hearts across Britain, a fashion student from Lancashire has slept rough to raise money for a homeless man who tried to give her his last £3 last month. The student, Dominique Harrison-Bentzen, has raised £45,000 (about Rs 45 lakh).

Robbie, who has been homeless for seven months in the town of Preston in northern England, had offered 22 year-old Harrison-Bentzen all his loose change so that she could get home after she lost her bank card on December 4. “After losing my bank card and having no money in the early hours, a homeless man approached me with his only change of three pounds and insisted that I take it to pay for a taxi,“ Dominique said. “I didn't take the money but I was touched by such a kind gesture from a man who faces ignorance every day .“

The girl decided to show her gratitude and started a campaign to raise money for Robbie, asking everyone to give three pounds, the same amount that Robbie had offered her that night, for her fundraiser.
Her campaign also included spending a night on the city streets with people who had heard about her story .

“Together, our small act of kindness can change someone's life this Christmas and finally get him off the streets safe and warm,“ wrote Harrison-Bentzen.

Donations started pouring in after the online fundraising campaign went viral. When TOI tried to open the page, it said: “We are experiencing unusually heavy traffic. Please come back later.“ About the donations, Harrison-Bentzen said: “Robbie is overwhelmed and emotional about it all.“ She said the money will be spent on securing him a flat, his first month's rent, a food shop and furniture.

The student said she is not the only person Robbie has helped. He appears to have come to the aid of many in Preston city centre, returning wallets to pedestrians and even offering his scarf to keep people warm.

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  1. What a lovely story. Lovely. There are so many good people out there.

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