Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The CA and the Priest!

Jacob received a notice from the Income Tax Officer (ITO) to be present before the officer and submit certain documents and information.
He went to his Chartered Accountant (CA) to take his advice. Amongst the other suggestions, his CA advised him to dress poorly and not to wear any ornaments while visiting the ITO. 
On his way to IT office Jacob met his close friend  John and sought his advice in respect of the IT problem. John advised him to wear a nice costly suit, etc., to impress the ITO.
Confused, Jacob asked his priest for advice. The priest told him a story of a bride asking her mother what she should wear for the wedding night. The mother told her to wear a full suit. When the bride asked her friend, she told her to wear a mini skirt and low-cut top.
Jacob asked the priest what this story has to do with him.
The priest said "In both these cases, no matter what you wear, finally you will be stripped off and thoroughly screwed !!"

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  1. Bwahahahahahaha. Oh wait...why am I laughing. That's exactly what they do.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺