Saturday, April 11, 2015

Husband and newspaper!

Husband to his wife in the morning:
- Darling, yesterday evening in one hour I have repaired the roof of our house and the car.
- Really, I thought Viagra has a different effect.

- I wish I was a newspaper - so I would be in your hands all day long.
- I also wish that you were a newspaper, so I could have a new one every day.

A wife asks her husband: 
- Did you have any girlfriends before you married me?
The husband sits silently.
His wife asks again: 
- What is this silence supposed to mean?
Husband answers: 
- Wait.. I’m counting...


  1. Wait...I'm counting. Good ones. I linked you to Silly Sunday.

    Have a fabulous day. :)

  2. Still counting.....still counting.