Sunday, April 5, 2015

Jokes, men beware!

Real man would always lead their wife to a train. To make sure that she left.

Two men were talking:
- Have you heard, John has married a widow?
- I would never want to be the second husband for a widow.
- Would you prefer to be the first one?

Man goes down the street and sees a leaflet hanging on top of the pole. 
Man walks around, but could not read what is written there. 
Somehow he gets to the top and reads: "Caution - Painted".

A husband returns home at night. Opens the door and in front of him his wife is  standing with the frying pan in her hands.
Husband: "You better go to sleep, Lucy, I'm not hungry!

Can a man make love with one hundred ladies in one night? Yes, if it’s a Polar 

Do you know what is the difference between a man and a Minister? A man never 
knows who is substituting him.


  1. Bwahahahahahahaha. I linked you to Silly Sunday again.

    Have a fabulous day my friend. :)

  2. LOL they made me giggle :-)

    Have a joketastic Sunday :-)