Friday, July 17, 2015

The value of your inbox!

Your email account is useful to hackers not just to send out spam mail or requests for money or malicious software to your entire contact list. Depending on what you do with your account, your inbox could be worth far more, says Gizmodo. Most service accounts such as banking, phone or insurance are tied to your email ID, and anyone with control over it can get into these high-worth transactional spaces by asking for a password reset. In fact, accounts have a resale value in the cybercrime underground. There are fixed prices depending on the type -for eg, e-commerce accounts or the one you have with a store could be worth $2 each, while your Apple iTunes account could be priced at $8. If your mail account gets hacked and was used as the backup to receive password reset emails for one of your other accounts, attackers can seize both.

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  1. Yikes, it's getting so everything is for the taking.

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