Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Blonde Fishing on ice!

A blonde decides she needs a new hobby for the winter season. She goes to the bookstore and buys
every book she can find on ice fishing. For weeks she reads and studies, hoping to become an expert
in the field. Finally she decides the time has come for her first ice fishing expedition. She thoughtfully gathers and packs all the tools and equipment she might need for the excursion.
When she gets to the ice, she finds a quiet little area and places her padded stool. Carefully, she lays out her tools.
Just as she is about to make her first cut into the ice, a booming voice from the sky bellows, "There are no fish under the ice!!!"
Startled, the blonde grabs up her belongings and moves further along the ice. She pours some hot chocolate from her thermos and starts to cut a new hole.
Again the voice from above bellows, "There are no fish under the ice!!!"
Amazed, the blonde isn't sure what to do. This certainly wasn't covered in any of her books. She packs up her gear and moves to the far side of the ice. She takes a few moments to regain her composure, then, just as she is about to cut a new hole, the voice booms
again: "There are no fish under the ice!!!"
Petrified, the blonde looks skyward and asks, "Is that You, Lord?"
"NO," the voice booms back, "THIS IS THE MANAGER OF THE SKATING RINK!"

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  1. Bwahahahahahahahaha. Bless her heart.

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