Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Blonde and the profile picture!

The blonde, whose name is Jennifer, had gone through rigorous police training with her blonde friends, Anni and Blowie. Part of their test at the end was suspect identification. So an officer flashed them a picture of a suspect's profile, a picture of the captain he had met earlier that day, then asked them how they would easily identify the captain later if their only information was the picture.
Anni went first, and she laughed when he did. "Oh, that's easy!" she said. "It would be easy to identify the captain, because he only has one eye!"
The officer was confused at this for a moment before he realized what she was thinking, then he had to laugh. "Silly girl, this is the captain's profile. You'll never be a cop!"
Blowie went next, and once again the officer showed her the captain's profile. She took a moment to think, then laughed. "Hah, easy!" she said. "The captain only has one ear!"
The officer isn't amused at all this time. "Silly girl, this is a profile! Do you even know what that means! Get out, you'll never be a cop!"
Then it was Jennifer's turn, and once more the officer flashes the captain's picture. She examines it closely, then smiles and tells the officer "the captain wears contact lenses."
Now, that's not something the officer knows off the top of his head, and it's not too useful for identifying suspects at a distance, either. But it was pretty impressive, as when he went and asked the captain it turned out that yes, he did! The officer asked Jennifer how she knew that he wore contacts, and she explained,
"Well, before I decided I wanted to be a police officer, I was going to be an optometrist, so I know a bunch of stuff about eyes and glasses still. I could see a groove on the captain's nose from where he used to wear glasses. However, even though he needs visual correction, he can't wear normal glasses because he's obviously been in some sort of horrible accident that's left him with only one ear and one eye."

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