Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Real father!

When I was a kid, my dad made up a story that the milk man gave me as a free gift for buying 20L of milk from him, for my dad's wedding.
Just like " Buy 1 get 1 free" offer.
So, whenever I misbehaved, he would tell me that he'll return the gift(me) back to the milk man. He said this to threaten me if I was dis-obedient.But, I thought this was true.
When I was in grade 2, I flunked the mathematics test and my dad scolded me and refused to sign the report card. I was very angry at my dad.
The next day morning, when the milk man came, I handed the report card to him and said in Tamil "Sign it. You are my real father", right in front of my mom and the whole extended joint family.
You should have seen the look on my mom's face.

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  1. Bwahahahahahahahaha. Love this.

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