Wednesday, August 24, 2016

World's fastest train in China!

The world's fastest train, with a maximum speed of 380 kilometres per hour (kmph), will be launched in China next month. The train would run on the ZhengzhouXuzhou high-speed track, state-run People's Daily Online reported.After the new train is launched, the travel time between Zhengzhou, in central China's Henan province, and Xuzhou, in the eastern Jiangsu province, will be shortened by nearly half from 153 minutes to about 80.
Compared to the previous generation of bullet trains, the new model's continuous operating speed has increased by 50kmph to 350kmph. In the testing phase, the train has record ed a high of 400kmph.
The train will primarily be used to carry passengers.China has built about 16,000 kilometres of high-speed train tracks that connect most of the country's top cities.
The network includes the Beijing-Shanghai train, which made a big profit last year. More lines are being constructed as the government tries to bolster the country's economy with infrastructure investment.
China is also trying to aggressively market its high-speed train technology abroad, especially in India.
A Chinese firm is currently conducting a feasibility study for a Chennai-New Delhi high-speed train.

Source: TOI

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