Sunday, October 30, 2016

Adultery Investigation... the Parrot Style!

Family parrot exposes man's affair to wife
A man in Kuwait almost ended up going to jail after the family parrot accidentally
exposed his alleged affair with the housemaid as it mimicked flirtatious exchange of words between them in front of his wife. The alleged affair came to light after the parrot started to repeat flirty phrases in front of his wife, the Arab Times reported. The wife then lodged a complaint with officers at Hawally police station in Kuwait and accused the husband of cheating.

Driver says shift over, dumps train in platform
A train driver stopped his train on a busy platform in US and refused to move it, claiming his shift had finished and went home. The empty train was parked at Fort Totten station in Washington DC. His supervisor, who was on the platform had to move the train.

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  1. Everyone knows parrots talk too much, and they never forget anything.

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