Sunday, November 27, 2016

mySmartCane for the visually impaired!

After the smartphone and smartwatch now comes the smartcane!

This is a boon for the blind and the visually impaired people to detect the obstacles on their way so as to take guard against them.  A microcomputer embedded in the traditional walking stick or cane, behaves like a sensor used in cars for the purpose of parking.

In this device an ultrasonic sensory ball in wireless mode measures the distance of the object on the way of the user and produces an audio signal.  This could be heard by the blind person with a set of earphones.   From the frequency of the alert it is possible to assess the approximate distance of the obstacle.  This enables the person to take corrective action or apply course correction well in advance preventing physical collision with the approaching objects.  The specialty of the device is that it is being developed at an affordable low cost.

Technocrats of the University of Manchester, UK have developed this innovative cane known as mySmartCane.

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