Friday, November 18, 2016

Solar powered garments to charge your smartphones!

US scientists have developed thin filaments which can collect and store solar energy.  These filaments can be woven into textiles and wearable garments like jackets.  These garments can absorb sun's energy and store it like a battery.  This permits you to get rid of traditional plugin charger for your mobile phones which is of nuisance value while on the move.  

This concept of wearable chargers will be very useful and attractive to youngsters on the go.  The teenagers will find this gadget extremely interesting as it enables unlimited texting with their inseparable smartphones in this new era.  They need to simply slip in their smartphone inside their jackets to recharge.

In future the gadget will have a wide range of application with defense department.  for example, a soldier in the war front will be able to get electric power for critical requirements.  Adventure travelers and mobile home  owners too  can derive power with these garments.

This gadget is the brain child of experts from Florida University. 

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  1. What a brilliant idea. Brilliant.

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